Even Lauren Conrad Has to Tolerate General Life Bullshit Sometimes.

No matter how famous you are or how hard you work or how great your hair is, being an adult means you have to deal with some bullshit in your daily life. You’ve got tough choices to make and annoying tasks to handle and that’s the way it is. Think of the people who you’d […]

The Inexpensive, Easy Way to Make Your House Happier

One of my goals for myself in 2015 is to slow things down a bit. You know the old Ferris Bueller-ism about life moving pretty fast? Yeah, I want to take that to heart. Instead of being the girl waiting to check out at the grocery store refreshing my phone constantly, I want to stop and smell […]

Easy Ways to Get Happy

In my old age–I’m almost 24, you know– I’ve become fairly “touchy feely”, as they say. I like reading about positivity and unleashing your inner potential and the languages of love and those types of things. I also enjoy the occasional Gossip Girl-esque book, but I like reading about self- improvement. I saw this article […]