The One Thing You Should Do No Matter What City You Live In

I’ve written a lot about the importance of networking events. When I was living in Syracuse, I would allow myself to just hang on my couch and revel in the comfort of my apartment. No need to think of small talk topics or introduce myself to people I didn’t know. While this was the much […]

The Four Things I’ve Learned About Asking For Career Help

I consider myself pretty assertive when it comes to my career. I’m balancing freelance clients, pitching magazines, working for my dad’s company, traveling for work, writing my blog, etc. I work from home, which definitely requires discipline too. But I’m also afraid of being annoying, so I’ve been known to refrain from asking from help that could advance […]

Why Networking Really Isn’t So Scary (Get It? Halloween?)

I used to haaaaaate making small talk at networking events or cocktail parties or functions where I didn’t know much about the other guests. I would start off okay, but then after a few minutes my mind would go blank. I was convinced I was embarrassing myself, I would start sweating, and then I’d want […]