I Think I Found A New Year’s Resolution That’s Actually Not Eyeroll Inducing

I’m generally pretty skeptical about all things New Year’s Eve. To me the holiday is most closely associated with paying too much for an open bar, freezing, kissing someone you shouldn’t at midnight, and dealing with at least one friend who’s too drunk and crying. Then you’ve got the resolutions part of the holiday. “I’m […]

Five New Years Resolutions That Aren’t Totally Cliché

I know some people are very anti-New Year’s resolutions. I like to make a few each year, but I try to keep them unique and not just “go to the gym more” or “be more organized.” Last year my goals were to stay focused on the positive things and to meet more people, and I’m […]

Resolutions That Don't Involve Going to the Gym

You ever have one of those colds where you create a nest for yourself on the couch and don’t leave for four days? The kind where you just want your mom to bring you soup?  That was me for the past four days. In that time, about 2 1/2 feet of snow accumulated on my […]

The First Post of 2012

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great evening with people you love. I have to say, I have had two back-to-back great New Year’s Eves and that is pretty impressive. I used to think New Year’s Eve was the most overrated holiday of them all. Maybe I’m changing my tune. I think the […]