I Made it On Pinterest: PB Banana Protein Cookies Edition

I’ve been seeing these PB banana protein cookies floating around Pinterest for a while, but had yet to try them. Until yesterday. They’re pretty easy to make. You’ll need bananas, vanilla extract, peanut butter, vanilla protein powder (if you want), quick cooking oats, unsweetened applesauce, and chocolate chips. They’re essentially a breakfast cookie, because they […]

New Feature: I Found it On Pinterest

As we all know, Pinterest is an aspiring chef/workout junkie/fashionista/DIYer’s dream. The site offers all kinds of life hacks, recipes, and style inspiration. I love it. Though every so often, that recipe that looks amazing turns into a “Pinterest, you’re drunk” moment as you bite into something that clearly did not turn out like it […]

Easy Recipes That Even Non-Chefs Can Cook

I always wish that I was a food blogger. I love how they create insane recipe combinations, make fattening recipes “skinny,” and take gorgeous pictures of the meals they make. I do not pretend to be a food blogger at all, but lately I’ve been trying my hand at cooking. When Chris and I first […]