How to Make Today Your Most Productive Day Ever. Seriously.

I hate days where it’s 2:30 and you’ve just mentally checked out. They’re awful. There’s a quote I really like from Jim Rohn that says, “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” I find that my best days are the ones where I have a set agenda for myself. I’m running the day. The […]

The Best Advice If You Want to Stop Procrastinating

When it comes to doing work I love, I’m all about it. I will blog until 2 a.m. and not even realize it. But when it’s time to tackle mild to moderately annoying tasks, I’ll put them off for as long as possible, then be completely frazzled as I try to get them all done […]

“Stop Falling Down the Internet Rabbit Hole” And Other Productivity Tips You Need

Last week I was at a conference where we heard a keynote address from Mike Vardy, who’s a speaker and creator of the site Productivityist. If you’re into productivity/life hacks/learning how to make the most of your day, DEFINITELY check him out. It was one of the coolest talks I’d ever heard. It was kind […]