The Spray Tan Experiment Continues

The other day I bought a package of three spray tan sessions. It was a lot cheaper than buying them individually, and I was pretty happy with my first spray tan sesh. Besides the orange wrists. You live and you learn, right? Of course when I went to use the package, the Mystic Tan machine […]

The Great Spray Tan Experiment Part Deux

So last night I was afraid my color wasn’t dark enough. Ladies and gents, I stand corrected. I am THRILLED with the spray tan! I look like I was outside being active on Saturday. I do NOT look like I was lying in a tanning bed. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen. […]

The Great Spray Tan Experiment

I have officially completed The Great Spray Tan Experiment! I spent quite a lot of time and energy worrying about my potential streaks/orange hue and as it turns out, I didn’t really have to worry about any of this because….I look ALMOST the same as I did four hours ago. A little tanner and healthier, […]

The Greatest Invention of the History of the World! Seriously!

You guys. I am in love. With a Neutrogena body scrub (and my boyfriend of course). But seriously. You know that woman who married a truck? I think I might marry this body scrub. First let me back up and make this huge announcement: I decided I’m going to get a spray tan today after […]

The Spray Tan Dilemma

Okay, friends. Help me out. I have to be in a shoulder/arm-baring gown on Saturday. I am white as a sheet. These two things are not a good combo. I’m trying to figure out how best to get color. I guess I could try to work the whole “I’m part of the Cullen family and […]