The Internet Apocalypse

I’ve come to a few sad realizations over the past few days. 1.) My trusty Mac Book Pro that I got when I entered college (five or so years ago) is dying. You know when you go visit your grandma and you try to go on the Internet and it takes 12 minutes to open […]

You're A Professional Until Someone Reminds You that You Used to Have a Bowl Cut

So my boss (who is not my dad) has been in and out of the office for the last few weeks due to health problems. We had a meeting this morning and she asked if I would take care of her agenda for her. I was thrilled because it meant she trusted me with the […]

I've Found My Calling

Ever since I was a child, my mom has given me a false sense of confidence about my writing skills. This probably contributed to me spending a stupid amount of money on a domain name, realizing I hated the domain name and then spending more money on this domain name, all so I could have […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work

Today was a strange morning…I am a miserable human if I don’t start the day with coffee. This habit started in college. I don’t like to admit that I’m addicted, because it makes me feel pathetic, but I definitely am. Anyway, the weirdness started when I  apparently didn’t rinse my travel mug out very well […]