The Things You Never Forget After Working at Victoria’s Secret

I worked at Victoria’s Secret during one summer when I was in college. I’d always loved the store, was pretty hyped about the discount I would get, and thought it would sound sexy when I told potential suitors that I worked there. Turns out that working there and, say, being a Victoria’s Secret Angel are […]

Why Working at Victoria's Secret is Different From Being Miranda Kerr

Though I wrote this post about working at Victoria’s Secret a while ago, it still remains a popular post on my blog. People are always Googling things like “Victoria’s Secret employee discount” and “What’s it like to work at Victoria’s Secret?” and finding my post. It’s been many moons since I donned my black jacket and […]

My Time At Victoria's Secret

* Note: If you like this post, you’ll also want to check out this update that I wrote* During the summer after freshman year of college I, like many other college students, was broke and needed a job. I thought it would be fun to say “I work at Victoria’s Secret.” I was also very […]